[BLCD] MESSIAH ANOTHER MENU taste spicy [angel face]

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マスター×タクトEDの 『SLAVE TO THE DARK』 後日談を描いた小説をフル音声化!
彼はもう 『葛城拓人』 ではないただの傀儡であるはずだった。

【 Disc1 / scene title 】

* Track1 「 贖いの抱擁 」
* Track2 「 投げつけられた靴 」

【 Disc2 / scene title 】

* Track3 「 彼の残り香 」
* Track4 「 祈りという名の雪 」

This is based off the 18+ PC game MESSIAH, which is now a few years old. This is the third Messiah drama CD, the first being Another Menu: Taste Sweet (which was two discs long) and the second being the single disc Another Menu: Taste Spicy [Stinger]–both of which can be found here. This one is two discs, two tracks per disc, and has an original story following the incredibly creepy SLAVE TO THE DARK ending. Spoilers for the game, obviously. And here’s a surprise–for the first time ever, Messiah’s trademark narrative style falls out of the hands of its main character. The first-person narrative is through the eyes of Kou the vampire! And it’s Kuroda-san’s best performance yet. (by liannesan)

葛城拓人 (CV : 皇帝) =立花慎之介 (CV : Sumeragi Mikado)=Tachibana Shinnosuke
煌 (CV : 黒瀬鷹)=黒田崇矢 (CV : Kurose Taka)=Kuroda Takaya
アリス (CV : 本山美奈)=黒河奈美 (CV : Motoyama Mina)=Kurokawa Nami
ヴェロニカ (CV : 奥田香織)?

1.) 黒瀬鷹 x 皇帝
Kuroda Takaya x Tachibana Shinnosuke

Manga/Novel: BL Game
Game Developer: CORE-DUSK / 片桐由摩
Illustrator: CARNELIAN
Company: 有限会社オービット
Genre(s): BL Drama/Romance/Mild supernatural
Warnings: 18+, some BDSM, Tachibana Shinnosuke as a mewling sex kitten, sex scenes broken up by a lot of angsty introspection
Release Date: 01/10/09