[BLCD] MESSIAH ANOTHER MENU 2 taste spicy stinger

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Manga/Novel: BL Game
Game Developer: CORE-DUSK / 片桐由摩
Illustrator: CARNELIAN
Company: 有限会社オービット
Release Date: 2008/11/01

Summary: 『メサイア』 の 『SILENT CAGE』 EDの拓人×遼太の日常を描いた小説をフル音声化!

* Track1 「 秋の訪れ 」
* Track2 「 当たり前の道徳心 」
* Track3 「 カラオケルーム 」
* Track4 「 堕ちていく夕陽 」

Comments: This is based off the 18+ PC game MESSIAH, which came out a few years ago via CORE. This is the second Messiah drama CD, the first being Another Menu: Taste Sweet (which was two discs long and can be found on the thread here). This is a single disc, and has an original story following the SILENT CAGE ending. Spoilers for the game, obviously. Includes awesome/hilarious love scene in a karaoke room.

Sumeragi Mikado葛城拓人: Tachibana Shinnosuke皇帝
Nagino Hayato笹森遼太 : Nojima Hirofumi凪野隼斗
Rebound Tamasaburou芦屋司 :Shimowada Hiroki リバウンド玉三郎
店員 : Kurokawa Nami本山美奈

1. 皇帝 x 凪野隼斗
Tachibana Shinnosuke x Nojima Hirofumi