[BLCD] Therapist wa Nemurenai

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Author: 砂原糖子
Illustrator: 金ひかる
Company: インターコミュニケーションズ – Intercommunications
Release date: 2008/09/25

碓氷志乃: 近藤隆 (Kondou Takashi)
外村泰地: 羽多野渉 (Hatano Wataru)
眞野: 花輪英司 (Hanawa Eiji)

1. 羽多野渉 x 近藤隆
Hatano Wataru x Kondou Takashi

Summary: A younger colleage of Tonomura Taichi’s asks him to fill in for him at work. The work turns out to be that of an on-call host. He hesitatingly heads out to meet the client and what awaits him is a good looking older man, Usui Shino.
Tonomura is priced and ordered to fulfill his duties, but not only is he useless, but ends up getting a lecture and making Shino angry. And yet, for some reason Shino requests him exclusively…!?
(summary translation by rika)

外村泰地が後輩から代 役を頼まれた仕事は出張ホスト。渋々出向いた先には整った顔立ちをした年上の男・碓氷志乃が待っていた。外村は碓氷に値踏みされ務めを果たすよう命じられ るが、役に立たないうえに説教までして怒らせてしまう。しかし、碓井はなぜか外村を専属にして…!?