[Character CD] ZOMBIE-LOAN Character Album

Release Date: 2007/9/19
Company: ユニバーサル・シグマ


01.「Happy Birthday to Shito」Chapter 1
02. Save your soul 紀多みちる(桑島法子) (Kuwashima Houko)
03.「Happy Birthday to Shito」Chapter 2
04. Don’t love me★baby 芝 怜一朗(諏訪部順一) (Suwabe Junichi)
05.「Happy Birthday to Shito」Chapter 3
06. Another sky 赤月知佳(鈴村健一) (Suzumura Kenichi)
07.「Happy Birthday to Shito」Chapter 4
08. Survive 赤月知佳&橘 思徒(鈴村健一&櫻井孝宏) (Suzumura Kenichi & Sakurai Takahiro)
09.「Happy Birthday to Shito」Chapter 5

Now the BL wave is almost over for September, we get to hear some songs for a change. ^^ I really like the way Suwabe voiced Shiba and I watched the anime pretty much up to ep 6…until Shiba was dead…AGAIN! LOL I like ep6 the best and I absolutely love that insert song. Kuwashima-san sang the same song in this album with a bit faster pace, but she’s really good. Suwabe’s song is a little bit different than his usual voice and I probably wouldn’t recognize him if I hadn’t known that’s him. ^^” Suzumura is good as usual but too bad Sakurai-san didn’t get to sing in this album. T_T

ps. I’m trying out the audio player from WP here:
02. Save your soul 紀多みちる(桑島法子) (Kuwashima Houko)

This song was actually sung in English in the OST but it’s not sung by Kuwashima-san.