Yome ni Konaika (Will You Become My Wife?)

Original Work: 新也美樹 (Araya Miki)
Company: インディペンデントレーベル
Release Date: 2007/8/25

池崎敬吾:森川智之 (Morikawa Toshiyuki)
小早川一美:子安武人 (Koyasu Takehito)
ナレーション:杉田智和 (Sugita Tomokazu)

俺の元に、突然「嫁」がやって来た!!料理上手でキレイ好き、ついでにアッチの方も☆でもこの嫁、男なんですけど!そしてなぜか、俺が抱かれてるんですけど!! 攻嫁シリーズ

Manga Summary (from Baka-Updates)
Keigo is single and one day mentions that it would be nice to have a wife to greet him when he returned home. That day he comes home to be greeted by a smiling man welcoming him home, and the man says that he will be Keigo’s wife!

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