サウダージ 後編
作者: 華藤えれな
イラストレータ: 円陣闇丸
発売: インターコミュニケーションズ
発売日: 2007/06/25
Saudade Sequel
Original Works:
– Author: Katoh Elena
– Illustration: Enjin Yamimaru
Release Date: 2007/06/25
志塚朔弥: 鳥海浩輔
レオン・カナレス・セラーノ: 浜田賢二
志塚幸成: 遊佐浩二
ロベルト・ブランカ・セラーノ: 平川大輔
Shizuka Sakuya: Toriumi Kousuke
Leon: Hamada Kenji
Shizuka Yukinari: Yusa Kouji
Robert: Hirakawa Daisuke

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Summary (translation):

As the sound of Argentine Tango music flowed and the time of intimacy passed, Sakuya began to accept Leon whom he should had hated. In the meantime, he was suddenly attacked by assassins. False information had spread around and the unsettling atmosphere began to drift. Leon’s life was also threatened by a traitor from his organization. In fact, Sakuya’s older brother Yukinari was also involved in the internal strife. Before long, when Leon and the traitor faced their final battle, Leon bluntly refused Sakuya and told him to “go back to Japan”.

What action would Sakuya take? What kind of fate would Leon, Sakuya and his older brother have?



I’ve been waiting for this CD to come out because it has been on the top of my “must listen” list in June. It sure isn’t disappointing, and I think it even tops its part 1. XD

The BGM is just as good as part 1, but the tone of the sequel has changed. If you’re expecting to hear how Leon tames Sakuya as in part 1, you probably will be disappointed. It’s all lovey dovey between the two…Nah, it’s just my wishful thinking. LOL. It’s not quite there yet, but getting closer…hehe…

I didn’t feel it’s changed too dramatically. The story flows well from the last scene in part 1, where Leon gave Sakuya a gun for protection while he was taking a nap on Sakuya’s lap, and Sakuya responded “…Get some rest. I’ll protect you.” XDD

The sequel started with Leon teaching Sakuya how to dance Tango. Thanks to Yukiya~han’s book scans, I can easily picture them dancing together. Hamada still has his usual emotionless voice at the beginning, but as soon as he lowered his voice and whispered to Sakuya, it’s just so compelling and sexy. No wonder Sakuya falls for him…and so do I. XD

While they were dancing, Sakuya asked Leon to let him see his brother, and Leon said okay. But just before Sakuya went to see his brother, a man told him that Leon was the one who handed his brother to the other mafia. Feeling deceived, he knocked down the guard and escaped…And here comes to my favorite part in the drama…Leon stood in the rain and confessed to Sakuya in Spanish – “I love you”. Awwww… (I wish I knew Spanish…but I know nothing except counting from 1 to 20. T_T) The sound of rain and the BGM blended so well with the confession. All the emotions, the sadness, disappointment and passionate love, are very well expressed by Hamada-san. I’m so touched.

After they met with Sakuya’s brother, Leon invited Sakuya to his god father’s birthday party. Just when they got all lovey dovey (they are, trust me…LOL), they were attacked by the traitors of the mafia. Leon got shot and they escaped to the place where Leon and Robert grew up together. Leon handed Sakuya his passport and told him to go to the embassy. But Sakuya chose to stay with Leon even thought they both might get killed tomorrow.

There’re two H scenes, 1st one is after they met Sakuya’s brother and Sakuya was jealous about the fact that his brother is very close to Leon. And the second one is when Sakuya decided to stay with Leon. Let me put the story aside first…I know I just complaint about the plot being used too often in another review. 😛 But personally I think the second one is the best of all (including part 1). Leon finally took off all his clothes! And Sakuya was crying and confessing to Leon that he loved him. *___* Sweet and lovely…XD…The performance of Toriumi and Hamada are just awesome! Toriumi sure is an aggressive hot uke.

Of course in the end no one died. Just like I have suspected Robert is the villain. LOL…But Leon used his irresistible charm and talked him out of it. 😉 Hirakawa’s Robet is cool. I wish there were more his part in the drama. And same as Yusa.

I really enjoy this drama CD and highly recommend it. The music is so good and it makes me want to visit Argentina. Yeah, I think I’ll definitely do that one day! XD